WordCamp San Diego

WordCamp San Diego


Needless to say I’ve been looking forward to going to San Diego for many, many reasons. One of the main ones is that most of the AWP crew is based in San Diego. Actually the famous Facebook Group (that I’m proud admin in) with more than 13 000 members and adding about 300 new each day, originated from the San Diego WordPress meetup. I’ve been in touch with those guys for so much time and I’ve met in person only handful of them. Another main reason I wanted to land at SD was that I had the chance to speak on one of my favorite subjects – WordPress Speed optimizations.

I had the chance to go out in the beautiful gas lamp district with a good friend of mine and a SiteGround customer – Matt Cromwell, who’s now working at WordImpress with another awesome guy from San Diego – Devin Walker. Went into a great place, ate some awesome food and listened to the whole places singing Friends in Low Places. There is no better way to feel the vibe of a city than this! While we weren’t munching on our delicious burger or drinking the SD crafted beer Matt told me a bit more about the Give project they’re currently working very hard on. Basically, it’s a platform that allows you to accept donations on your own WordPress website. If you’re into that – highly recommend to check the project out!

The next day we had another awesome event – the sponsors and speakers dinner. I am so glad that I met so many awesome people there! Chris Lema, Chris Wiegman, Michael Cabral Poubel Bastos, Ansel Taft, Jon Brown, Alex Vasquez, Devin Walker, Russell Aaron, Tomas Puig, Heather Baker Steele, Chris Perryman – all members of the AWP admin team! Ansel even brought the AWP ban bat! Needless to say it was great to meet my most technically awesome friend Syed Balkhi from WP Beginner!

The conference itself was great, Chris Lema opened the event early in the morning on Saturday and it went great the entire two days. I was speaking first which turned out to be great because once my talk was over I could fully enjoy the event without thinking about it. Later that day I was moderating a “How to make money with WordPress” panel which was a bit stressful because I haven’t done that before. Thankfully the three gentleman in the panel were awesome – Scott Bolinger (co-founder of AppPresser), Steve Zehngut (CTO at Zeek Interactive), and Ben Fox (founder of SideKick) were amazing and after all it was a great panel. On Sunday there was a lot of fun with the beach balls, Nacin opened with a keynote and then Yaron Guez and Matt Cromwell continued with the plugin bootcamp on the main stage.

To sum up, for me WCSD was great – had the chance to meet people I am chatting with on a daily basis, the event itself was organized great and San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities in the USA I’ve been so far. Thank you guys for making this amazing event possible and I hope to see you next year!

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