Awesome things to do in Naples

Awesome things to do in Naples

Napoli is one of my favourite cities in the world! I am just combining a quick list for a friend with the nices places to go to if you have a limited amount of time!

  1. Castello dell’Ovo ( map ) – Just stop your car somewhere and walki around the castle – it’s beautifyl waterfront street with amazing houses, nice view – pure Napoli.
  2. Piazza del Plebiscito ( map ) – It’s an amazing piazza, one of the biggest in Italy if not the bigest one, with the beautifl dome and home of the royal palace
  3. Castel Nuovo ( map ) – You will hear people from Napoli refer to it as Maschio Angioino too. Very beautifyl place, one of the most famouse landmarks of the city!
  4. Walk on Via Toledo ( map ) – great street with a lot of good shops caffee bars, etc.
  5. Piazza Dante ( map ) – an amazing place with a lot of old shops, small shops, restourants, authentic Napoli atmosphere.

Those should be good enough for a day hanging around 🙂

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