Hristo Pandjarov

My name is Hristo Pandjarov and I’ve been working at SiteGround as a WordPress expert for ten years. I speak at a lot of WordCamps and other IT conferences around the world. Site performance, hosting and the web in general are my thing.


Love speaking at events around the world, check out where I've done that recently and where you can find me next!

Latest Projects

Ocasionally, I get an interesting project or two. Everytime I start working on a site, it's somethig I love to do or something that will allow me to try out a new technology or approach towards the projects.

Info: A nice project for what’s my new hobby – scale planes. Complete migration from Joomla 1.5. Yes, Joomla 1.5. Thankfuly, the design is new.

URL: FokkeRC

Info: One of the fines interior designer I have the pleasure to know personally. Great project, a lot of content to be moved. Complete redesign.

URL: Tallbox

Info: When I decide to build a house in Palma deMallorca, that would be the place to go. Design and structure created from scratch in few languages.

URL: Ingstroy

Info: The old site had a lot of performance issues. Complete redesign plus restructuring of the online store and used extensions.

URL: Bebeshore

Info: The newest art gallery in Sofia. Glad to know the owner and that we managed to accomplish a great website together.

URL: Villy’s Gallery

Info: The finest wines in Bulgaria made by some of the most amazing people I know. Deisgn from scratch.

URL: Queen’s Winery House

Info: A boat wheels manufacturer. Complete redesign and online store addition from a badly stiched “premium” theme.

URL: Volantec

Info: An online store for martial arts equipment – kimonos and so on. So you can throw people around in style!

URL: BraveoneWear

Info: Big WooCommerce store for bath and kitchen furniture with more than 6000 products.

URL: Плочки за баня – Баня Мечта

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New from The Blog

Not a good writer, never been one. Actually, most of the things I start writing end being some sort of a tutorial. Still, I am trying.

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