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Love speaking at events around the world, check out where I've done that recently and where you can find me next!

Latest Projects

Ocasionally, I get an interesting project or two. Everytime I start working on a site, it's somethig I love to do or something that will allow me to try out a new technology or approach towards the projects.

Info: A nice project for what’s my new hobby – scale planes. Complete migration from Joomla 1.5. Yes, Joomla 1.5. Thankfuly, the design is new.

URL: FokkeRC

Info: One of the fines interior designer I have the pleasure to know personally. Great project, a lot of content to be moved. Complete redesign.

URL: Tallbox

Info: When I decide to build a house in Palma deMallorca, that would be the place to go. Design and structure created from scratch in few languages.

URL: Ingstroy

Info: The old site had a lot of performance issues. Complete redesign plus restructuring of the online store and used extensions.

URL: Bebeshore

Info: The newest art gallery in Sofia. Glad to know the owner and that we managed to accomplish a great website together.

URL: Villy’s Gallery

Info: The finest wines in Bulgaria made by some of the most amazing people I know. Deisgn from scratch.

URL: Queen’s Winery House

Info: A boat wheels manufacturer. Complete redesign and online store addition from a badly stiched “premium” theme.

URL: Volantec

Info: An online store for martial arts equipment – kimonos and so on. So you can throw people around in style!

URL: BraveoneWear

Info: Big WooCommerce store for bath and kitchen furniture with more than 6000 products.

URL: Плочки за баня – Баня Мечта

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Not a good writer, never been one. Actually, most of the things I start writing end being some sort of a tutorial. Still, I am trying.

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